Notice regarding Commencement of Distribution of ”JDRI” and “JDR. Index” on Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals

Today, Bloomberg and Reuters (Refinitiv) have started to provide “JDRI” and “JDR.Index” data on their information platforms.

As announce on October 13, 2021, based on the Agreement signed between S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, and us, Japan Digital Money Rating. Co., Ltd, “JDRI”, our unique crypto assets index of which the base data are provided based on our method, and the calculation performed by S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, started its publication on October 1st. Incidentally, we are striving for a way to allow general users to view JDRI indication on other terminals such as their smart phones and/or personal computers.

Currently, both ”JDRI” and “JDR.Index” can be viewed on the top page of JDRpro. website.

Furthermore, JDRpro. Also provides information through Twitter.
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